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Working With Me: First and foremost, it is critical that you feel SAFE! Safe with me, safe in sharing your pains and struggles, safe in KNOWING that everything shared in our times together will ALWAYS be held in the highest of confidentiality! So what does working with me look like:

Group Coaching

Small groups of 4-6 individuals meeting twice a month collectively and having a private Facebook Group page to share and connect with and support each other on a deeper level. Register for a Free Discovery Call with me today.

1:1 (one to one)

Private Coaching: meet twice a month for private one on one coaching and taking deeper dives into coaching, life strategy tools and techniques along with energy healing. Register for a Free Discovery Call with me today.

Angelic Reiki Energy Healing

I am a firm believer in unseen forces of Light! Working with the Angelic Kingdom of Light in this sacred healing modality, enables the soul to be catapulted to its next level of growth in mind, body and soul. These are monthly sessions. Register for a 1-hour Angelic Reiki Healing Session with me. ($80)

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Why Life Coaching and Energy Healing?

Life coaching is all about creating balance in the mind, body, and soul. Balance means something different to each person. Life coaching and Energy healing are about creating Your optimum life balance. And guess what, your inner self knows EXACTLY what that is! Register for a Free Discovery Call with me today.