December 2, 2016 The Day I Was Called to Serve

Nov 2, 2020

December 2, 2016 was the day the Universe called me to create the Million Women Message Movement and get my message out to the women in the world and start a movement, which is:

“Every single woman on the face of the earth is and has always been her greatest Gift, Adventure, and Grand Celebration! And it is all because of each woman’s life experiences, pains, trials, adversities, stumbling blocks, and victimization’s, that has created who she is TODAY! And because of ALL that CRAP, she is built to do really hard things and come out on the other end a vibrant thriving being IF she CHOOSES to allow those experiences to teach her the lessons they were designed to give only her!”

This picture hangs in my office as the loving reminder of what I am called to do! This was the very last picture taken at the event on Dec 2, 2016. Fitting for my purpose to serve!

Join me in this Million Women Message Movement and Celebrate the Life of Women!