Hi, I’m Kaelen!

I am a deeply passionate person, lover of life and all humanity. Growing up, I always knew there was something inside of me I was to share with the world. What a surprise when God said my message and mission is to love, serve and support the LGBTQ+ community and their family’s and friends. Questioning God’s request whether I could do this or not, God whispered in my ear, “You have been prepared for this all your life.” It was then I knew what my truest heart’s desire was in loving, serving and supporting this glorious LGBTQ+ community and I’ve been moving forward ever since.

I attended Brigham Young University receiving my BA in Communications and the University of Phoenix earning my MAED in Adult Education and Training. My real classroom is in my home where my two children taught me my most valuable and important lessons and where I learned what it means to lovingly accept another’s reality of life. I believe each person, regardless of gender, race, culture or ethnicity, is first and foremost a human being born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Additionally, I am a Consultant for Fowlkes Consulting, a firm specializing in LGBTQ+ sensitivity training for large organizations, businesses, mega ministries, universities and federal institutions. I am also a Coach for Ingomu Learning, a learning application to help adults in their personal and professional development, and health and wellness coaching. I am so excited to have my Learning Community be “LGBTQ+ Individuals, Family’s and Friend’s: Learning How to Be Enough”. I invite you to look into both of these organizations and see how we may be able to further love, serve and support you, your family, friends and organizations.

I have also presented to youth and adults for over 30 years through my callings in church on topics of faith and spirituality. I am also a public speaker speaking on topics of resiliency, empowerment, inspiration, motivation and authenticity to associations, businesses, universities and organizations. My favorite place to be is anywhere my wonderful husband, beautiful children, grandchildren and in-loves are! That’s the sweet spot of life!


Kaelen Revense (pictured with family) is the Chief Celebration Officer of Kaelen Revense Coaching Celebrate You, a professional speaker, life coach for moms and dads with LGBTQ+ children, an LGBTQ+ ally/advocate, a faithfully devote member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the proud mother of her gay son and author of the book “It Was Never About Me: An LDS Mother’s Journey Toward Loving Acceptance of Her Gay Son’s Reality” (coming 2021).


My Experiences

It is so interesting the way our lives show up for each of us! Mine is similar to every other person’s story.

 I grew up with a mom and a dad, lived in a middle-class neighborhood, went to public schools, made stupid choices, went to college, met a great man, married him, had two children and proceeded to have life kick me in the backside!! Over and over and over again!!!

Experience has taught me that I am a VERY POWERFUL spirit being, living in a human suit, with the ability to CHOOSE my next thought and what I want to do with it!

All of my choices have led me right HERE and right NOW! To a place and space where I CHOOSE to Be and Have ALL of ME! To make choices that FEEL GOOD!

Why??? Because I really LOVE to FEEL GOOD!!! It just feels sooooo good!

So take a peek below and learn where I go from Loner to Life Coach in only 25 years! LOL

I’m A Loner

June 2008

Moving to the Midwest from Northern Utah where I had my life all mapped out. I found myself in a heap of CHANGE! Change in Location. Change in Job. Change in Career. Change in Friends. Change in Support System. CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE! I was Lost and felt very Alone!

I’m A Nominee

January 2012

Diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), weight-gain commences from medications, enter Body-Hating, Body-Bullying and Body-Loathing! Oh and let’s throw in a dose of suicidal thoughts to even everything out! And this phase of life would not be complete without mentioning that our son came out to us saying he was gay. These life events are most of what nominated me for my future path!

I’m A Life Coach!

October 2016

Pulling myself out of my pain, I knew Spirit was calling me to Do, Have and BE more than I currently was Allowing! Through my life’s pains, tragedies, sorrows and sadness, I found real meaning! I discovered that BECAUSE of the MUCK I had been through (and at some points decided to camp out for a while before proceeding forward) were my greatest gifts, adventures and celebrations! I DISCOVERED ME AND MY AWESOMENESS! It was in these moments I knew I had much to share, offer and give to humanity. As a teacher and trainer for over 25 years, I finally found my course in life! To help others move forward out of the muck of their lives and discover for themselves who and who’s they really are! And Celebrate ALL parts of their lives! The good, the bad and especially the ugly!


Success Stories

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Life is Amazing Again
  Life wasn’t great for me before working with Kaelen. I wasn’t working on myself or meeting my own needs. I felt very lost, alone and floundering.

  Kaelen’s work has benefited me in sooo many amazing ways! I work on myself first thing in the morning and  carry it throughout the whole day.  My meditation, groundings, prayer and energy cord cutting was what I was missing from my life!  My energetic vibrations have increased incredibly, and life IS AMAZING AGAIN!

  Starting with the gratitudes opens a whole door of amazing realizations, shifting of perspectives and mindset changes. That’s just the tip of the iceberg on just how powerful that one thing is! I also made sure I was doing the work at home and the results are amazing. Kaelen you’re amazing at intuiting the exact thing I needed at every session with you!

Kristin Holmes, Entrepreneur, I Do Everything!

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My recent session with Kaelen was incredibly powerful. Starting with the way she carries herself. She is so in her element and has no ego attached to the work. This immediately helped me to feel not only safe and comfortable, but the energy was so inviting. I could tell I was in great hands with someone who truly cares. She explained everything very thoroughly and made sure I was clear about what was going to happen throughout the session. As far as my session it was incredibly informative and left me filled with peace and clarity and a renewed love for myself. One of my biggest take aways from this session was the overwhelming feeling that I was loved by my angels and spirit team. It’s always a gift to really feel with your whole being how truly supported you are. For this I am grateful to Kaelen for holding the space for the perfect messages to come thru. They were exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend working with Kaelen, her gifts are a blessing.

Staci M.

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  Before I started working with Kaelen, I was searching in almost every aspect of my life. We had just lost our brand-new home in the flood of 2019. We had been living there for exactly one month before we had to evacuate. When we went back, it was a total loss. So, I was searching for a home. I was scheduled to graduate from UNO with my bachelor’s degree in a few months. My degree was interdisciplinary. It consisted of three main focuses – none of which were in the field I’d worked in most of my adult life. So, I was searching for a new career focus. My six children were all in their twenties and living their own lives. So, was searching for my own purpose. Finally, I was feeling like I needed to reconnect spiritually, but I wasn’t interested in a religion. I was searching for a spiritual path.

  While working with Kaelen, I started to get connected. I learned to connect with myself and with spirit by applying the seven natural laws. I started trusting myself and the universe. I could see and feel that I was (and am) connected to everything else – that I am not separate from it. Shortly after starting the coaching sessions, I moved to Florida. This move brought up some insecurities I didn’t realize existed and therefore hadn’t dealt with. Working with Kaelen helped me recognize and work through these insecurities. This strengthened my self-trust, boosted my self-confidence, and deepened my spiritual practice.

  Now that I’ve completed Kaelen’s coaching program, I am able to work through changes in a much healthier manner. I know how to use the tools I was born with and the tools Kaelen taught me to navigate my world. I’m human, so I still encounter struggles. Now I know and accept that neither the struggles nor their outcomes define me. Kaelen’s coaching program has taught me to not just react, but to stop and listen to my body & soul and listen to my spirit guides. I’m able to just be still.

  I have MANY sticky notes of Kaelen quotes all over my bedroom. These serve as gentle reminders that I’m not alone and I’ve got this! I have one on the side of my nightstand, so it’s the last thing I see each night and first thing I see in the morning. It says, “Now, I am gentle, kind, and loving with myself. And I do so with ease and grace.” I find myself using it as a mantra when I’m struggling to let go of something or struggling to learn something new. It reminds me that I am ok. It reminds me to not judge myself so harshly… to be gentle, kind, and loving with myself, because it’s what I deserve.

Dietra Poitier

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I know my worth now more than ever

  Before working with Kaelen my life was frenzied and chaotic. Not really motivated. Not taking care of myself. Unable to clearly focus on goals. A bit cloudy and grey versus the sunshine that I crave.

  Working with Kaelen has benefited my life and I know my worth more than ever. I believe in myself and my gifts. I’ve always loved myself, but the depth of that love has increased. I’m able to see gratitude several times a day and live my life authentically without fear or apology. I only focus and allow people and experiences that bring in love, laughter, adventure and contribute to my high quality of life.

  The shifts that have allowed for this transformation comes from the power of gratitude for what was, what is and what could be. Being asked hard questions and being accountable to the hard truths. Taking time to value myself has put my own relationships, work and hobbies into perspective. Accepting my natural empathic skills and spiritual connection has also opened areas of my life and heart that were in shadow.

Kelly Morris, Director of Development, Griefs Journey

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  I was struggling with a rut with life. Being fairly new to divorce and having everything I knew of my adult life change rather quickly, I was lost, scared, confused, frustrated, lonely but trying to find ways to be happy. I wasn’t sleeping well. Work was absolute chaos and anger. I was struggling to find love and hope in the relationship I am in. I had gone back to old habits with eating. The only peace I felt I had was when I was with my son, however that felt like a chore and struggle since I was parenting alone.

  I feel more at peace with life. I have a different mindset of how things should work and happen in my world. I have relaxed more with life in general. My parenting has flourished and I can see changes in my son. The relationships in my life are more meaningful. I have grown leaps and bounds and I am able feel my heart open which is the opposite from the first day I was bawling at my first consultation where I felt like I was drowning with weights on my feet pulling me farther from the surface of what I knew as life.

  I ask for the things I want and know that everything I need is always taken care of and provided to me.

  I take time to notice and realize the blessings that happen throughout the day. I step back and take a moment to see what it is I should be taking away from a situation. In doing both of these, I have thought that I’ve had a bad day when really, more awesome things happened than not so awesome.

  I have been able to support family and friends with different life events. I have been able to make a positive difference in other people’s lives.

  My relationship with my partner has become so much more than I thought it could be now that I am able to see the life we’ve created in a different way the previously.

  By no means am I even close to 100% experiencing the incredible life that I have been given, however, I am closer than I even have been. I am a much happier, loving, understanding, peaceful, energetic person than I was prior to the time I’ve had with Kaelen. I have learned new ways to handle life as well as had my fire re-lit in my God, Angels and the Universe. I look forward to what the rest of today holds and can’t wait for tomorrow’s blessings and to see where my divine purpose lays.

Ashley Carey – Office and Property Manager