Hi, I’m Kaelen!

: Kaelen Revense is the Chief Celebration Officer of Kaelen Revense Coaching Celebrate You, a professional speaker, life coach for moms and dads with LGBTQ+ children, an LGBTQ+ ally/advocate, a faithfully devote member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the proud mother of her gay son and author of the book “It Was Never About Me: An LDS Mother’s Journey Toward Loving Acceptance of Her Gay Son’s Reality” (Winter 2019).
Hi! I'm Kaelen! I am a deeply passionate person, lover of life and all humanity. Growing up, I always knew there was something inside of me I was to share with the world. What a surprise when God said my message and mission is to love, serve and support Christian parents of LGBTQ+ children. Questioning God’s request whether I could do this or not, God whispered in my ear, “You have been prepared for this all your life.” It was then I knew what my truest heart’s desire was and I've been moving forward ever since.

I attended Brigham Young University receiving my BA in Communications and the University of Phoenix earning my MAED in Adult Education and Training. My real classroom is in my home where my two children taught me my most valuable and important lessons and where I learned what it means to lovingly accept another’s reality of life. I believes each person, regardless of gender, race, culture or ethnicity is first and foremost a human being born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Additionally, I am a Consultant for Fowlkes Consulting, a firm specializing in LGBTQ+ sensitivity training for large organizations, businesses, mega ministries, universities and federal institutions. I have presented to youth and adults for over 30 years through my callings in church on topics of faith and spirituality. I am also a public speaker speaking on topics of resiliency, empowerment, inspiration, motivation and authenticity to associations, businesses, universities and organizations.

My favorite place to be is anywhere my wonderful husband, beautiful children, grandchildren and in-loves are! That’s the sweet spot of life!


It is so interesting the way our lives show up for each of us!

Mine is similar to every other person’s story.

I grew up with a mom and a dad, lived in a middle-class neighborhood, went to public schools, made stupid choices, went to college, met a great man, married him, had two children and proceeded to have life kick me in the backside!! Over and over and over again!!!

Experience has taught me that I am a VERY POWERFUL spirit being, living in a human suit, with the ability to CHOOSE my next thought and what I want to do with it!

All of my choices have led me right HERE and right NOW! To a place and space where I CHOOSE to Be and Have ALL of ME! To make choices that FEEL GOOD!


Because I really LOVE to FEEL GOOD!!! It just feels sooooo good!

So take a peek below and learn where I go from Loner to Life Coach in only 25 years! LOL

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  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
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